Acupressure Mat Reviews

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Acupressure Luxe Edition (Turquoise)
Mitch Kleemann (Sydney, AU)
Best mat I have used

Highly recommended, the quality of the product is unmatched.
The tulip shaped heads are fantastic and provide a deep accupressure result

Acupressure Luxe Edition (White)
Barbara (Mosman, AU)

This is by far the most esthetically pleasing accu mat, organic linen (just as pictured) with gorgeous little lotus shaped spikes. The quality is excellent. I ordered it as a gift, but then ended up getting one for myself too. It feels great whichever way you use it (laying, sitting or standing). The pillow is very relaxing, and a great bonus.

Acupressure Ring
Fiona Telfer (Sydney, AU)
Great product - relieves stress

Great for reducing stress when watching really close games in the Olympics :)

Acupressure Luxe Edition (Turquoise)
Italia Breccione (Sydney, AU)

Acupressure Luxe Edition (Turquoise)

Lumbar Chair Support

Gives great support exactly where I need it, I use it all the time even if my clothes are too thick :)

Acupressure Ring
Tracy Botica (Perth, AU)
Acupressure Ring

I purchased this ring for my Arthritis that I have in some fingers not realising that it helped Anxiety as well. It certainly feels good when using & I do feel relaxed afterwards. It's an instant massage for my fingers :)

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
Annabelle (Bentleigh East, AU)
Does what it says

I bought the mat, pillow and lumbar support. The lumbar support is perfect for my chair while sitting at the computer. The mat and pillow are very good for soothing aches and relaxation.


I recently purchased the lumbar support and it’s absolutely fantastic! I’ve gone back to studies so now spending hours at my desk and from the moment I sat against the acupressure mat it was so supportive.
Absolutely recommend to anyone and everyone!


The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
Janene Knight (Balmoral, AU)

Have had my mat and pillow for two weeks use it everyday - works straight away relieves my lower back and shoulder pain - and bonus helps with my anxiety as I able to totally relax whilst using. Take the advise turn off the TV and anything else and just do this one thing for 20minutes dial life down

I like it

It made me feel good working up to doing it uncovered it works for me my partner doesn’t like it and I said well that’s ok I got it for me

My new favourite thing

Love this mat. The feeling I get after I lie on it is amazing. Like after a really good massage. That floaty feeling. I like that this one is turquoise my fave colour as well. If I could say anything I would wish it to be a bit bigger.

I like it

I like this product


I love my medi mat. Have only had it a week, but I feel great after using it and my quality of sleep has improved. Highly recommend for everyone.


Great product and it arrived very quickly. Took a few days to get used to it but now I’m comfortable with it. Definitely works wonders on the problem areas.

Pretty good

Shipping was fast. Too early to tell whether any benefits to my wellbeing but it does feel nice on my back direct on my skin. On my feet too but I need to wear socks to bear the spikes. Thank you. I will continue to use it.

Twin Pack: Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set
Antonia Thompson (Brisbane, AU)
Absolutely in love with these mats

I bought two of the Mat and Pillow sets for my husband and I. There hasn't been a night since that we haven't used them. The only issue we have is our 10 year old son keeps taking one of them, we may need to buy him his own.

Acupressure Luxe Edition (Turquoise)
Judy Llewellyn (Melbourne, AU)

Using daily. Helping with muscle aches and tension

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
Rebecca Carter (Melbourne, AU)
Good quality

Fast delivery and good quality. Unfortunately hasn’t made a difference to muscle pain for me

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
Carolyn Neilson (Campbelltown, AU)

Amazing. This mat sends me to sleep within minutes. Love it.

Excellent product

I’m very happy with my purchase of the luxe lotus mat

Acupressure Luxe Edition (White)
Kim Graham-Nye (Sydney, AU)

After 3 weeks of a stiff back, I felt incredible relief in the first 20 minutes of using my mat! My teenage boys have also fallen in love with it as they find it so relaxing. Lastly…it is BEAUTIFUL - so I don’t feel the need to hide it away but rather let it stay on the floor in the corner so it reminds us all to use it daily. AMAZING PRODUCT!!!


Initially I was hesitant given my pain threshold is usually quite low, but I received my MediMat and got 20 minutes on the first go!
It is PERFECTION. Easily my happiest zen mode purchase.

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
Angela Cooper (Roseville, AU)
Original Medimat

I am so happy with my purchase of the Medimat. I am finding it so relaxing and it sooths my back aches and pains in no time at all and my sleep seems to be improving. In fact I sometimes fall asleep on it. Customer service was also great and postage was fast. Thank you so much! I will definitely be recommending it to family and friends.

Acupressure Luxe Edition (Turquoise)
Lachlan Fisher (Wantirna South, AU)
Relief from muscular aches and pains

This product has been wonderful in providing relief from postural pains, I admit to probably stooping forward a bit too much while looking at the computer and somewhat regularly get upper back, shoulder and neck tightness and pains. I find that every hour or so if I’m able to get down on the mat these symptoms reduce significantly, more-so if i attach it to the chair I find my posture improving given I’m inclined to sink back into the chair in order to get as much contact with the pressure points as I can. This is also a good tool to relax into and unwind after a long day providing benefits to not only my musculoskeletal health but helping me to deal with stress too. It's incredibly easy to use and applicable in many environments be that at home, work or you can even set it up for longer drives. If you're looking for something to ease your muscular aches and pains I would definitely give this a try!