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Acupressure Luxe Edition (White)
Susana Hernandez (Perth, AU)

Acupressure Luxe Edition (White)

Acupressure Ring
Anonymous (Sydney, AU)
Perfect for neurodivergents

Perfect for fellow neurodivergents + anxious people - it’s not brightly coloured, it looks nice and inobtrusive so people’s comments about it are positive and it doesn’t have the stigma of many sensory tools, it doesn’t make noise to distract others so you can use it even under your desk at work or in school, small and fits perfectly in a loop case, has not broken yet, and is bonus also good for acupressuring medicalness 😊

Spike Massage Ball (9cm/3.5in)
Barbara Sibley (Adelaide, AU)
not received

it’s hard to review when it’s not arrived. service is disappointing

Spike Massage Ball (9cm/3.5in)
Brigitte (Brisbane, AU)
Great product horrendous delivery

Needed the ball for my sister before she went on holidays. It took over 3 weeks to deliver, she was back from holidays before it was delivered.

Acupressure Luxe Edition (White)
Sylwia Lis (Brisbane, AU)

Acupressure Luxe Edition (White)

Acupressure Ring
Wendy Haigh (Hobart, AU)

Acupressure Ring

Acupressure Ring
Phillip (Brisbane, AU)
Worth the price

I was sceptical paying $10 per ring when you can get around 10-20 on Amazon for $20, BUT durability was my main concern. These rings do not disappoint, they’re holding up really well even with constant use. I had some cheap ones before but they broke within a week or so of regular use. I keep one at home to use when I’m working and one in the office all using it throughout the day. It’s great to increase circulation and relieve pulley and tendon pain in my fingers, I rock climb regularly and highly recommend these.

Acupressure Luxe Edition (White)
Mary Mulholland (Adelaide, AU)
Acupressure Mat

The mat arrived in a timely manner and I have used it several times for back pain which is being treated by physio. There are no amazing results of pain disappearing but it certainly helps along with the exercises and physiotherapy proving to be another tool in the long time effort to get relief.

Great product

The lumbar support cushion is great in my hubbies camping chair and has definitely helped with his back.

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)


Spike Massage Ball (9cm/3.5in)
Donna (Brisbane, AU)
Great size massage ball to take anywhere

This is a good size massage ball that can be used anywhere and easily slipped into the suitcase when travelling.

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
Erika Maccarinelli (Melbourne, AU)

Great product! Super happy! I’m using it every day!

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)

Best pain relief ever

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
Karolyn Gainfort (Brisbane, AU)
Wow impressed! Best night sleep in months

I love my mat, it was recommended to help with sleep and I was so desperate I bought the Medi Mat as I would try anything. Well, I use it every night and fall asleep on it. My sleep is deep and refreshing. Highly recommend the mat.

Great item, lovely fabric and nice to know it's all natural coconut fibre inside

Great item, well made, all natural and does the job A+++

Acupressure Ring
SV (Sydney, AU)
Great product for finger massage!

Fantastic portable product to massage fingers and relieve tension. Can be used anywhere anytime.

AcuChair™ Lumbar Support with Acupressure
Nell Madden (Toowoomba, AU)
Good cushion. Better with less clothes though.

It’s great for reminding me to uncross my legs and a comfy cushion. The spikes really only poke through if I’m wearing a thin top though.
I would still recommend it or buy it again though.

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
Kylie (Sydney, AU)
So relaxing and great value!

The medi-mat makes me take time out to relax and release all the stress every couple of days, it's briliant and my kids love it too! My physio introduced me to it and I think I will be seeing her less in the future.

Acupressure Luxe Edition (Turquoise)
Zoya Koltunevich (Melbourne, AU)

I just loved my new Medi Mats

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
Jessica Chappell (Camberwell, AU)

Highly recommend :)

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
mick reid
Great investment in back comfort.

Love spending time on the mat massaging my back.
Use several times a day.
Use the pillow both for my head and feet.
Highly recommend.

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
Helena Corsello (South Yarra, AU)
Medi Mats

My Medi Mat arrived in a timely matter and I had good communication when I could expect the delivery. I love the pillow and are currently trying out the best way to use the mat. Thank you

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)
Jessica Woite
Great service and and great matts

The mat I’ve got from medi mats is great, it works really well. I’m so relaxed after and my back feels amazing after I used it.
I ordered the wrong Mat but the service at medi mats was really good and they sent the right order out straight away.

Spike Massage Ball (9cm/3.5in)
Julie Rogers (Perth, AU)
Spike Ball

I use this for my feet. It has just enough give in it, for gently pressing and pushing into my foot.