Acupressure Mat Reviews

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Medimat Lyxe

This is a great health item. I’ve now bought 3 for family members who loved mine. I find it wonderful for much better sleep. I am slowly going off my sleeping pills. So pleased!

Love it! Super impressed.

It not only feels amazing but it also looks beautiful too. The quality seems impeccable.

A great mat!

This is such a great Acupressure mat. Straight away I felt relaxed and calm and my muscles eased. Highly recommended!

Love it!

Takes a little getting used to but not as scary as it looks. Sleep has definitely improved- thank you

Great product

Love my mat and pillow. Look forward to using it every day and find it very relaxing.

Love It! Take it to work with me too!

Love the Medi Mat Luxe Edition. It's definately something I take with me to work as well. I clip it to my office chair for relief all day. Great quality product.

Game changer for poor sleepers

As a long term poor sleeper, this is a game changer - it has helped to get to sleep faster and seems to give a deeper sleep.
Use right before bed.
So good I brought a mat and pillow for my husband because he kept using mine.

Good product

Works very well and is actually very relaxing. Worth the purchase!

Love it!

I purchased the Medi Mat for my husband for Christmas. I didn’t think he would like it, but I knew it would be good for him. He LOVES IT! He uses it twice a day and it hasn’t taken long for his body to adjust, he is still persevering with the neck pillow.
He uses it to calm his mind and body and he is feeling the benefits already.

Max Relax

Easily my best buy for 2020. Use it daily.
Gifted one to a friend Dee who has an acquired brain injury. She also enjoys it especially for pain relief.

Delivery was quick and item is high quality. Was given as a gift and well received

Super impressed with service

I’ve never had a parcel arrive literally so quickly. I’m very impressed. Today, we tried out the mat as I gave it as a Christmas present & even though we’ve only used it once, I can definitely say I can feel slight relief. Can’t wait to see the longer term effects. Thank you. I would definitely purchase from you again.

great relief!

Mat and pillow are great and very rejuvenating! Tried the first few times with a tshirt on to get used to the 'spikes', but it's really not that bad!

Puts me right to sleep

The mat puts me to sleep in 10-15 min max each time. Worth it for that alone!


Great product

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)

Medi Mat is awesome

Love it. Takes a little getting used to but the result is worth it. Releases tension and pain. It's great.

I’d been suffering for several months with lower back pain and I was taking painkillers every day. After using the Medi Mat for about a week I noticed a significant improvement. I still have lower back problems but the pain isn’t constant now and it’s nowhere near the intensity it was before I began using Medi Mat. I’m very satisfied with my results and have already recommended it to some of my friends.

The Original Acupressure Mat (inc. Pillow)

Very happy

My mat arrived super quickly and it is good quality. I love using it, thanks Medi Mats!

I look like a pin cushon but feel like a marshmellow

This thing is a bit spikey to begin with, but after you have a good lay on it, may you'll be feeling as good as a marshmellow. I lay on that pillow thing sometimes, or use it in the curve of my back while sitting. Love it.

Love my mat and neck pillow

Love, love, love is all I can say. I actually look forward to lying down on those spikes as they do give my neck and shoulders relief. I have a lot of neck pain and this really helps. Was also half the price of another brand so good value for money. Love the way the pillow and Matt came in a bag which makes it so much easier to put away.

Amazing release and relaxation

I bought my Acupressue Luxe a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. You will not be disappointed. Very high quality product and does what it says it does. Not only does it address acupressure points, but it releases the fascia muscle that seizes up on the surfaces causing problems for the deeper muscles. My mousing arm got so tight in the deltoid the other day (which then goes up my neck) that I got my mat, placed it on the wall and leaned on it for a few minutes and changed postions on my arm to release the front, side and back of it and I've had no further problems even though I type and mouse 7 days a week. I also take 5 min breaks from working several times a day and lie on the mat to rejuvinate me. I love the neck roll and use it on my skull as well. My brother tried it and loved it, but because he was flying out a couple of days later moving overseas, I gave him mine and have now just ordered my 2nd set.


I love my medi mat.. it's helped my back and tension through my body. 15-20 minutes a day makes so much of a difference.